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Her heart is a bookshelf and ink runs through her veins


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Her heart is a bookshelf and ink runs through her veins. She writes different stories and words welling from within. She has written happy stories, of memories that warm her heart. She’s got books she can never stop writing about people whom she’s so fond the most. Her heart is always full but still got spaces for new people to fill. She has her way of freeing her heart from things that no longer matter.

Her heart is a bookshelf and ink runs through her veins. She writes different stories and words are welling from within. She has a collection of tragic and painful stories kept at the farthest corner of her heart, stories of pain and suffering she’s not willing to write again. She wrote stories of people who browsed through the pages yet closed the book before the story ends.

Her heart is a bookshelf and ink runs through her veins. She writes different stories and words are welling from within. Her bookshelf has a special section of books that are limited edition with titles such as “The Ones Who Lost My Trust” and “To You Who Broke My Heart”. It was written in fine script handwriting but were told through words that cut like a sword. Though how painful these stories might have been, she’s still proud of all the lessons she gained which led her to write inspirational books of “Hope Amidst Storms”, “The Power of Choice”, and “The Art Of Moving On”.

Her heart is a bookshelf and ink runs through her veins. She writes different stories and words are welling from within. Her life is a library, a collection of different stories. Her hands move fluidly like ink and her brain overflows with words she can’t even explain. Her life is a publication waiting to be read and explored. Her heart is a bookshelf packed with various books. Her heart is a bookshelf reserved for that special someone who would call it home.

Stay in love. Stay in God’s love.

Sarah Dawn 🙂

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Believe That You Can

We all have dreams and we all wanted to make all these dreams come true. But sometimes, as we take those steps towards reaching our dreams, fears and negativities step in the way. They block our view of our destination and sometimes prevent us from getting there. What is so interesting about fear is that it’s all in the mind and we have a choice whether to face it or to run away from it. However, the funny thing about fear is, in the end, it has its way of catching up on us. What I am saying is, running away from our fears is a choice we can make – but pretty much a dumb choice we can make. Because fear will never go away. It might leave us for a while but at some point in out lives, we will be confronted with the same issues again.

We all have fears. It’s how human brain works. We aced at some things and we are so afraid at doing other things. We are great at writing and creating pictures out of a collection of words but we fear standing in front of a live audience and delivering these same words we wrote. We are good at creating music and making melodies but we fear performing the beautiful song we create. And we are so great about helping people to the point that we dreaded saying No to them.

There are things that we cannot do, things that we are so afraid of doing. However there are things that we thought we cannot do but we actually can. We thought we can’t because our brain and how they are wired limit us from doing more and being better than who we currently are. These fears of not achieving, of failing, of embarrassing oneself to family and friends because we fail need to be confronted for them to go away. Because your fear of failing, of not achieving, and of disappointing your family and friends are the roadblocks to your success.

You need to believe that failing and not achieving something the first time is all part of your life’s journey. A setback is just a setback not a destination. You don’t become a failure when you fail. You become one when you quit. So deal with that mindset, deal with that fear. Don’t be too hard on yourself and remember that all those great and successful people have their fair share of failures too. Failures teach us and encourage us to do better, to try and explore other things the next time around.

You cannot please anyone. So at some point in your life, you have to disappoint a couple of people around you. But it will never make you less of a person. Because reality is, different people have different points-of-view and you can never make all of them agree to what you believe in. Some will not like your decision. Others will even question the choices you make or will create conclusions that you will fail in the end. But you know what? People suck. A lot of them do. But if you let their opinions get into you, you will remain where you are. You will get stuck and your life will suck. So own it. Take responsibilities of the choices you make. And prove to them that your decision will hone and strengthen you. And if you fail, at least you did something that will take you one step closer to your dreams. At least you cross out one item from a million of ways you thought you can do to reach your dreams.

Eventually you will figure out the best way around your goals, the best system that will make you successful. And when you do, those people who are skeptical about the decisions you made will be asking how you did it and will copy the system you have established for yourself. So keep doing what you’re doing. And start dealing with those fears that you are running away from. Do one thing everyday that will make you closer to your goals. And do one things everyday that will make you overcome your fears.Reaching your dreams and overcoming your fears don’t happen overnight. It is a process. But as long as you’re doing something about it, you will eventually get there.

Believe that you can.

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A Reminder That One Day, Someday, Things Will Be Better Than This

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One day everything will make perfect sense.

All the pain, trials, and difficulties will be paid off. Maybe today you are struggling to make ends meet. Maybe today, you feel like you’re barely breathing. Maybe more often than not, you wish to just die than live a miserable life because death seems the only way out. But no, dying will only make those people you left, bear the pain and burden you were carrying. You’re not ending the pain, you were just passing it on to someone else. And believe me, when you choose death over facing your fears and disappointments, you become a loser.

For quitters are losers.

Today, you maybe broken-hearted, unsuccessful, and struggling. But believe me, school achievements, relationships, luxurious gadgets and latest fashion trends will never matter to you 10 years from now. All you have to do is endure it all today. And when you’ve overcome it all, when you successfully endured all the pain, you will emerge stronger and braver.

One day you will meet someone who will love you for who you are, who is specifically created by God to love you.

You will never beg for love because he will love you with effort. You will never have to look for him because he will find you. God will align everything so that your paths will cross. So for now, hold on a little bit more. I know it is painful, too much to bear sometimes. I know countless are the nights when you have cried yourself to sleep. And numerous are those days when you pretended to be okay and put on a fake smile. Life has its way of surprising us. And when you least expect it, when you think you will be forever alone, when you feel like no one’s going to love you, true and authentic LOVE will come your way. And you will realize why it didn’t work out with someone else because you are reserved to that one true love God has instore for you.

School and academic achievements are never important because life is never about medals and certificates. Schools is created for you to learn the fundamentals of life, to understand the true meaning of living. Being part of the Honors Class will not guarantee you the best position in the company but being a good person, a hardworking and responsible person will. School is not about being top of the class so enjoy school while you can. Enjoy the free allowance, the carefree life with friends while being a responsible student. I am not saying that you care less about school works and exams and tests. All I’m saying is that never allow the pressure of making it to the top hinder you from enjoying school and learning about life and stuffs. Enjoy school. Take and learn everything you can out of it and never let the pressure take away your happiness. And if in case you make it to the top, it would be a much-deserved treat.

One day, you will look back and realized that being “in” is never important.

It wouldn’t matter if you are wearing the latest fashion trends or using the newest iPhone model. Life has its way of balancing of elements and people. At this point, some may be enjoying a luxurious life while you are struggling financially. But never let this be the reason for you to lose sight if the beauty of life and on how to be happy. Money cannot give you happiness. Good character does. All these material things are fleeting. They perish and are replaced by newer and better ones. With change as the only constant thing in this world, material possessions will never guarantee you true and lasting happiness. But when you use your money to give back to the Maker and Giver of life, if you offer your money as means to help those in need, that will bring true happiness in your heart. Because by doing so, you will acquire lasting relationships, you will gain good friends. They say that generous people are the happiest because they are not afraid to run out of resources. They never fear losing possessions and riches. They are contented with their life. So never focus on gain material things. Instead, set your eyes on becoming a better giver. And eventually God will fill your cash till, a hundred folds, shaken, pressed, and overflowing.

One day, someday, you will understand that the trials and struggles are honing.

They are preparing you for the realities of life. If you are scolded by your teachers or parents for something you think are too petty, be humble for they know better. They never mean you harm. All they ever wanted is what’s best for you. Rebelling against them, running away from home, drowning yourself with liquor and drugs, and even putting an end to your life will not only hurt you but will hurt those people who truly love. It will ruin your future or even kill your chance of a better and brighter tomorrow.

So for now, trust that things will be better in no time. Believe that everything happens for a reason. And understand that true gold can only be brought out through fire. Likewise, your true qualities will be honed by this trials. Go on. Never quit. Never let go of life for one day, someday life will smile at you and pat you in the back because you are one helluva victor. 

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You Deserve A Love That Stays


Girl, I know life is unfair. I know you have gone through a lot. You’ve been through so many sleepless nights. You’ve drowned yourself in tears and wallowed in the sea of pain. Your pillow has been drenched and dried from all the tears you’ve cried when he left you. And for sure, part of you is still longing for that lost love to come back.

Girl… don’t.

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Icy Walls Broken Down

She built her walls so strong no one can break through it. She built her walls so high hoping no one can climb over it. When she got her heart broken, she vowed to never let her heart be smashed again, to never let anyone penetrate her walls again. She was okay for quite some time. She has learned to stand on her own again. She has returned to her solo flight mode, eating out alone and strolling the malls on her own, enjoying her own company. She was okay – or so she thought she was. She was so confident that her refuge, her ground is safe and secure.

You came unexpectedly. You were boring – lacking depth. She finds having small talks with you agonizing. She was about to give up on you but someone told her, “Hey, why don’t you give him a chance. Maybe he’s just gaining his footing.” And so she told herself, “Okay! One more try.”

The days passed and she gets to know you better. She gets to know who the real you is, your struggles, the difficulties you’ve been through, the heartaches that shattered you million times. She admired your belief in love, your faith in humanity and the goodness of the human heart. You’ve endured so much pain and had gone through a lot of difficulties growing up yet you remain kind-hearted. Never did you let all those pains and sufferings from hardening your heart. And here she is, with just a teeny-tiny bit of pain from the past and she was retreating to her cave again, she was hiding behind her walls, she was shutting everyone out. She admired how you still believe in love, in happy endings, in #forever even if you were cheated on, betrayed and hurt. She cannot believe that there ever exists someone who is so kind and loving as you are even after everything that you’ve been through.

iStock_000018767461XSmallShe never realized that her walls weren’t strong enough until one day, she just felt it melting and crumbling down. She wasn’t prepared for the strong earthquake, the tremendous shake that shattered her walls and broken down her defenses. You’ve turned her walls into sheets of ice making her realized how cold her heart is. And the warmth of your heart slowly melted them away. She was left vulnerable and unsafe again. She has opened her heart to you without her knowing it. Little did she know, you have slowly made a space in her heart. For her, your absence is uncomfortable; your silence is very painful. She was really scared. You are so like her and she is you in most aspects of your beliefs and principles in life. But one thing she loves about you is that she can be who she is, the goofy, funny, carefree little girl that has been hiding inside a strong and independent woman. She could be Ms. Clingy. She could be crazy. She could be funny and weird and most of all, she could laugh without limits, not thinking whether it’s prim and proper or not. She can be who she is when she is with you.

She woke up one day and realized that you’ve already created a personal space in her heart. You already occupied a portion of her heart and without you in it, she felt empty and incomplete.

And she just woke up one day, walls broken, unsafe, uncomfortable,  vulnerable and in love…

You broke her walls. You shattered her defenses…

But you built a wall of love around her heart. You created a steady stream of happiness in her life. She will be forever thankful to you for showing her how wonderful it is to love and to be loved again. For giving her the privilege to feel this kind of feeling, this euphoria of blissful happiness. For loving her and for making her understand why it never worked out with those from her past. And she will always be thankful to those who left you because if they stayed, she will not have the chance to be with you. She is very grateful for your coming into her life in the most unexpected, unimaginable way ever.

Your arms and your loving embrace is her safe refuge now. She doesn’t need walls. Your love is enough to keep her safe.


Stay in Love. Stay in God’s Love  ❤

Sarah Dawn 🙂









Para sa gusto nang mag-move on
Sa mga ayaw nang mag-hold on
Sa mga pagod nang masaktan
At takot nang maiwan.
Sa mga pusong sawi
Luhaa at duguan
Sa mga matang pagod nang umiyak
At mga kamay’ng wala nang kahawak.
Wag kang mawalan ng pag-asa
Puso mo may nagdurusa
Pasasaan ba’t ikaw din ay liligaya
Matatagpuan mo rin siya
Ang taong sayo’y magpapasaya
Hindi na kailanman mag-iisa
Dahil sa bawat paglubog ng araw
May kamay na hahawak sayo
At sa bawat bukang-liwayway
May mga bisig na yayakap sayo.
Kapit lang,
Darating ang araw
Ngiti sa iyong mga labi
Ay muling matatanaw.

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When We Find Each Other

One day I will find you. Or maybe you will. Or maybe we will find each other. Someday, our paths will cross and we will walk on the same road. Your joy will be my happiness, my happiness will be your gladness. Your  tears will dampen my cheeks and you will feel my embrace. Your fears will be mine too but those fears we will fight together. Someday when our paths will meet at the crossroads God has created, each of us will be the fulfillment of His plans, the revelation of His greatness, the manifestation of His love.

Someday, we will understand why all of them left, why all those past relationships never work out. It never will because although it was part of God’s plan, they are not meant to stay. They were meant to teach us, to strengthen us, to improve us – our character, our attitude and who we really are. I hope those pain will not harden us – your heart and mine.

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