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Always ❤️❤️❤️


When things go wrong
When nothing seems right
When your eyes run dry
When the throbbing hurts so badly that you just want to die
When everything seem black and gloomy
When there’s no one to turn to
When breathing seems so hard
When you just want to give up
Don’t despair my child
I will make everything right
I will dry your tears
I will heal all your pain
I will be your light
I will always be there for you
I will be the breath you need
I will carry you through all the pain
I will always love you


JESUS.. ❤️❤️❤️

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The future is unfolding
But in the past I’m still holding
Deep inside I’m still hoping
That in the end, with you I’m walking.

But as we walk through this life
You pierce my heart with a knife
You are lost and so am I
Gone without saying goodbye.

The future is dark and gloomy
The silence is quite creepy
The thud of my heart is deafening
And all alone I am walking.

In the dark, I stumble and fall
But I won’t give up at all
If I can’t walk then I will crawl
I know I will make it through it all.

The future is dark and gloomy
The silence is really creepy
But this fight is for me;
I must be whole again and free
So that again I can be happy,
So that again I can be me.


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My Quest


Life is an endless journey. We are travelers to a destination that is uncertain, a destination of unknown and untold realities. What awaits us there, no one knows and nobody can tell. But the question is: When would this travel end? Would it end the moment we die? Will it end the moment we breathe the last breath of life? Or would the journey continue after death. The answer is unknown because no one has come back to tell the living what awaits us there.

The uncertainty of life has caused chills inside me. As a child, a lot of questions lurked inside my head. What could I become in the future? Will I be successful? Will I reach the age of 50? Will I be able to have my own family? These were some of the questions that were left unanswered. Until I reached adulthood when I feel that those questions when I was a child seemed obscure and childish, even foolish. But still the fear of the unknown hasn’t left me. I am still haunted with the fear of being unable to handle the reality that awaits me in the end. But what really is the end? Is it something that we can experience because of the things that we do today? Are those the consequences of our decisions that we playfully made? Is it some sort of punishment due to the kind of living that we practice today? Different questions, yet the same bottom-line – the question and the desire to know the unknown. I’ve been through a lot and I could say that life has never been easy. I’ve experienced happiness as well as misery and I could tell that all these things are the end-product of my decisions before.

My questions when I was a child were already answered but with each answer emerges another question and the endless quest for answers starts again. And then I realized that the more I wanted to define my future, the end of what I called “My Life”, the more questions are laid down and more fear of dealing with the uncertain and unknown end are visualized. I quit. I resolved to stop this nonsense thinking! I cannot always prepare for the future. I cannot continue figuring out what the future holds for me. It’s not mine to foresee and it’s not mine to mind. I will live life the way I want it to be and there’s no one to stop me. I set my own rules, I build my own walls and limitations, and I will decide to whatever I will encounter with the knowledge that all these decisions shall contribute to the wellness or misery of my life. I cannot hold the future. I cannot define it the way I wanted it to be. I cannot also rebuild the past, for all that has happened shall never come to pass again. But I can live today to the fullest, to the best way I ever could. And I will cherish each moment knowing that life is a gift from God that should be spent in the fullest way possible. I will live today as if there’s no tomorrow.

My life is an endless journey. And there are still questions that sometimes pop in my mind. But I know that it’s endless and the questions are never-ending. And since it’s endless, defining its end would be futile and thinking of what tomorrow could be is such a pointless act. Are you acting that way too? At some point in your life, do you desire to furnish a future based on what you want and on what you define as a perfect future could be? Again my friends let me tell you: Defining your future is futile for only God holds our future.

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Just Fall in Love


Fall in love with someone
Who sees all your flaws but
Still accepts you for who you are.
Fall in love with someone
Who would rather hug you than kiss you
Coz he values the importance and essence
Of a kiss.
Fall in love with someone
Who is afraid to let go of your hand.
Fall in love with someone
Who treats his mom as a queen
And his sisters like princesses.
Fall in love with someone
Whom you can’t live without.
Fall in love with someone
Whom you can trust and respect.
Fall in love with someone
Whom you can see your future with
Fall in love with someone
Who makes you spontaneous
Whom you can talk without hesitation
And who can make you laugh with even
The most stupid jokes.
Fall in love with someone
Who respects you and your personal plans
But is still willing to compromise
And meet half way just to build
Future plans with you.
Above all,
Fall in love with someone
Who loves God more that he loves you.

Photo Credit: The Things I Learned From

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I was lost when i lose you
But i tried to see life through
I was wounded when you left me
I was beaten black and blue
I am weak, and no
Nothing could help me get back to you
I can’t stand on my feet
But there was no you
Months had passed
I was thinking this pain will last
I drowned myself in writing
Scribbling all my pains and suffering
I tried to pour my thoughts like ink
My overflowing emotions on the brink
Oh how i wish i could just throw
Those short-lived moments
And everything i had with you
But no, nothing can erase
The bitter-sweet memories
Of our embrace
More months had passed
And now i can smile at last
Those colourful moments we had
Will always make me thankful and glad
I may have been wounded
But you see, i am healed
I am pouring all my thoughts like ink
But this time i am happy as i think
I have learned and now i’m strong
And with God, i know i will never go wrong.