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Living Your Happy Ending Everyday


Sometimes, we asked ourselves if there could be a Happy Ending for us. We are sometimes so focused on our dream ending that we ended up neglecting the segments, scenes, and parts of the entire story. And when we look back at what we had been all these years, we can’t help but feel that pang of regret for all the things that we should have done, the places we could have been to, the foods and scents we might have tasted and smelled, among others. We have never given ourselves a chance to enjoy these simple pleasures of life ‘coz we’ve been so caught up to our dream ending, so focused on a perfect destination. We are so engrossed in imagining that dream ending which has led to unexplored childhood and unmade memories.

But then, looking at it in a different light, we could only but console ourselves that maybe this is what the wheel of fate has written for us. As for me, if I would be given a chance to rewrite the story of my life, I will still end up writing the same scenes and segments and parts. Anyway, this is my life. This is what my decisions have led me into. This is what our individual decisions have led us into.

For a graceful cavalier, there should never be any regrets. Although an honorable soldier still made mistakes, but these are calculated mistakes and honorable sacrifices which has led to the victory of the troop.

Do I have regrets in this life? Yes. Did I make mistakes along the way? Yes. We have thoughts of what ifs, of what could haves, of what might have been. But then again we’ve been this tough and strong because of these mistakes. We’ve regretted some things not done in place of something we thought was better back then, though it turned out not to be. Yet these things, these regrets have surely shaped us. We have questions of what could have and what might have but then we are still breathing and alive. Being alive is a symbol of unlimited chances and those could haves and might haves will always be something that we could still do. We have this gift called life which always allows us to explore untravelled paths, a chance to make another calculated mistakes.

All these thoughts of regret, unchosen things, and unexplored chances will always haunt us for the rest of our lives. These are skeletons hiding in our closets. But I believe that we all have these shadows of the past and we are all haunted by these ghosts, right? I know that oftentimes we are so afraid to make the same stupid mistake twice. I am like that too. Sometimes, I am too coward to love again because I am afraid of experiencing the same heartache. I am too afraid to choose and make a decision because I am so paranoid of making a wrong choice. Paranoia, anxiety, indecision. These will only hinder us in enjoying the segments, scenes, and parts of the story that is only written for us. These will only create a build up of more regrets, more mistakes, and more questions. But I know that deep down within us, is a graceful Cavalier. I know that deep down inside us is an honorable Soldier. And it would only depend on the Cavalier if these dark things will make or break him. As for me, I need to gather my strength. I need to call upon that honorable Soldier within me and I won’t allow these ghosts to break me. And I think others should also have the courage to stand up for themselves too. We should be responsible for these skeletons, these dark things and unpleasant past. I know we could turn the odds from going against us into fighting side-by-side with us. We just have to learn to bravely face these things that have haunted us and turn these into allies.

An honorable soldier make mistakes and sometimes others even die in battle. But these are calculated mistakes which lead to the victory of the entire troop. I have mistakes too but I know these are the reasons of what I’ve become and for what I have achieved. We should move on from these bad decisions. But when I say move on, it doesn’t mean we should forget these mistakes. Moving on is not just plainly forgetting. For me, we moved on from these mistakes and continue living the life that is written for us bringing along with us the lessons that we’ve learned from those bad decisions or indecisions. We should allow these mistakes that we’ve done to shape us, to mold us, and to make us into becoming a better and strong and graceful and intellectual ladies.

So I vowed, I will never stop myself from enjoying these priceless moments of my life. You ladies must do the same. A promise to ourselves to never allow each passing moment left unnoticed. To never have a single day in life worrying or looking back at our dark past. To always, and I mean always take pleasure at simple things in life such as a beautiful sunset, the coolness of an ice cream indulgence, to dance without music with that one true love, to smile and give warmth to everyone, to tune out with your favorite song on repeat, to eat your favorite foods without worrying of that additional pound on the weighing scale, to dance and frolic in the rain, to catch a snowflake in your tongue, to indulge yourself in a warm bubble bath for hours, to oversleep during weekends, or to just sit alone in your bed for hours with a good book or an amazing movie, among other things. Scenes and segments and parts made up a story. And the events within our life will surely lead to the ending that we always dreamed of, to the Best Ending Ever! So ladies, a note to self, chin up, stand tall, take that graceful step away from your dark past and live the life that you think you deserve. Never focus on the ending or on the destination. Make every step so memorable and happy in a way that you are living your happy ending everyday. And don’t forget that super beautiful smile of yours coz that, among others, is your best asset.

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