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7 Friends You’ll Meet Along Life’s Road

The “Facebook” Friends


You may be laughing right now. But to be honest, technology has been playing a major role in relationships nowadays. And sad to say, the social media has been frequented by fake or false friends. I am not generalizing but I am challenging you, look into your friend’s list and tell me who among your 1000+ FB friends are your real friends and not just any other random name who sent a friend request. Don’t get me wrong here. I know there are friendships that blossom in one single friend request but you cannot deny the fact that you also have people in your friend’s list that you barely know or you don’t know at all, except for the informations they supply on their timelines.

The Acquaintances


These are the people we get to know in school, in our yoga class, or in the gym. We know little about them. You met them at some point in your life but they never made a mark in your heart. Although they are of higher level than your FB friends, but sadly you only knew them by name. These are the people you say “Hello! How are you?” and just move on. They never stay long in your life to make that “imprints” in your heart.

The Friend in Distress


These are people that you know and got along pretty well in your life’s journey. And as you continue to travel through life, they slowly and little-by-little disappear in the picture. Yes, they made a mark in your life but they chose not to walk with you through life. Until years later, out of the blue, they decided to make a come back into your life only for you to realize that they just needed your help. Being the good friend that you are, you decided to help them and again, they evaporate in your life. Funny that when you look back, you realized that they don’t stay long enough to make a difference in your life. They only stay while they need you. Sad but true, but there are really people who took advantage of other people’s goodness. They’re like leeches, sticking around while they’re feeding at you and would completely disappear once they’re full. (Sorry for the rant! I just can’t help it.)

The Sanguine


They are the life of the party. The noisy, happy-go-lucky, carefree friends that you have. The make your life full of fun and laughters. They are the source of joy and happiness in your journey. They fill your travelogue with jokes and funny stories. They are the reason for painful stomachs and teary-eyed experiences – not because they hurt you or make you cry. But because they make you laugh so hard your stomach hurts and you wanted to cry. They are life’s precious treats that you don’t want to miss. They are a bunch of positive and vibrant people who never fail to make you see the brighter side of almost everything. In every bad situation, they always have a positive disposition.

The Faithful Friend


Along the way, you meet this type of person, this kind of friend. They are the silent type. They just sit quietly at the nook of your life and you know that they are always there. They will never leave you. You know in your heart that no matter how long you haven’t seen them or how many years you haven’t heard about them, you are confident that they still remain. And in those times that you are in need? They will gladly offer you a hand to help you, a shoulder for you to cry on, a hug when you feel so alone, and they will sit beside you – just sit, no talks. They don’t bitch you of your failures and they silently rejoice over your success. They don’t rant about your stupidity and the wrong decisions you made in life. But they will always, and I mean always be their to laugh at you or cry with you in those successful and not-so-successful events of your life

The Confidante


I call her my “Living-Talking Journal.” The confidante is that friend who knows all about your secrets. They see you succeed and they know how you made it in full details. They’re like your journal – a living witness of all your failures and success. But they’s not just witnesses, sometimes they too are accomplice. They are accessories to the crime, a side-kick, a body, a partner in crime. In other words, they’ve seen you fall. They know you have fallen. They saw it coming. They know in full details about the fall. And they feel the pain. Because they are with you, a trusted confidante, who knows all about your musings. From stupid rants to deep thoughts, from petty problems to world-shaking adversities, from getting your first job to reaching your dream job, these confidantes know just about everything, which often than not, they too feel what you feel. But what’s better with these “living-talking” journals is that they have a say in your life. They argue with you. They have a voice. And sometimes, their voices are your much needed wake up call, to knock you off from some stupid dreaming. And pull you back into reality.

The Total-Package-All-In-One Friend


He/She is a rare find. She is your Facebook friend, your now-you-see-now-you-don’t friend, your Friend in distress, the Sanguine, the Faithful friend, the confidante. She is all-in-one. She is among you trusted friends in Facebook. And she never hesitates to call you in the middle of the night to ask for help because she know that she will also make that phone call on the wee hours of the night when you are in need. She has this moments of “nowhere-to-be-found” because she busies herself with her own life and achievements but she never leave that special place in your life. You sometimes heard nothing about her in months or she might not see you for years but the bond still remain. And out of nowhere, she will call you or message you just to tell you about a cute guy she saw in the bus. She’s funny, crazy, and silly. But she can also be a great keeper of all your secrets. She is a mother because she scold you like your mom. She is a father and a brother because she will always stand up for you and protect you. She is a sister who will giggle and chitchat about cute guys and fancy stuffs. She is a lover who will hug you and hold your hands forever. She is a critique telling you all the words that you need to hear, plain and hurtful word, no sugar-coat and icing. And she is everything in between.

“A best friend is better than any boyfriend. A best friend may not kiss you or hold you through the night, but they will hold your hand through tough times. They cause tears only through giggles, and they will never judge you on how you look with your makeup off. They may not give you flowers on Valentine’s Day but they will give you chocolate once a month. And the best thing about them is that no matter how many times you fight and no matter how loud you may yell, you always know in the end they’re still going to love you, and that nothing you could ever say, or scream, could change that.”
– Anna Floyd

“When we consider the blessing of God – the gifts that add beauty and joy to our lives, that enable us to keep going through stretches of boredom and even suffering – friendship is very near the top.”
– Donald W. McCullough, Mastering Personal Growth



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