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Your Happy Ending Is On Its Way

My friends usually call me “hopeless romantic”. I would say that I am, in a way. I still believe in the old fashioned, the giving of flowers, chocolates, and stuffed toys; sending of hand-written love letters, and just kissing under the starry skies. I still watch movies like The Notebook (all-time favorite), Serendipity, PS I Love You, Message in a Bottle, A Walk To Remember, and the likes. I still fall in love with the characters in my books, the knight in shining armor in my fairytales. But I am a modern day Hopeless Romantic. I have accepted the fact that technology has greatly influenced the lives of the people in the 21st Century and it is but necessary to adapt to that change in order to survive. But deep inside me, I felt the pang of jealousy when I would imagine how my father courted my mother. How people of the 90’s value and give so much respect on the “boyfriend-girlfriend” relationship.

The youth of today has greatly evolved that for them everything is always instant. But there is never a single thing in this modern world that’s instant. Instant noodles take 3 minutes to prepare, instant coffee takes five. Fast foods are still not “fast”. There is still that waiting time, a process of waiting, the preparation process. Because no matter how fast-paced we want our lives to be, we still cannot deny the fact that there are still things that are more enjoyable when we let it set and give it some time to process. Slow-cooked foods are still the best! Riding on a bicycle is still enjoyable. Writing your thoughts in ink and paper is still satisfying. You see, in this technology-driven lifestyle that we grow to love, there are still things that shouldn’t be instant. There are still things that need time to bloom, to ‘incubate’, to process, to evolve. And that holds true to our Happy Ending. Happy endings need not be rushed. We want it to be the best ending EVER, then we must learn that Happy Endings are way too different from “Instant” Endings.

I am a hopeless romantic. And this is a message to all those hopeless romantics out there that still believe in a Happy Ending.


Believe that your Happy Ending is still a work-in-process. God is the best writer, and He writes the best Love Story. Believe that your Romeo is out there and is still undergoing tune ups and machine overhaul to perfectly fit the princess that you are or vise versa. Maybe your princess is still doing course trainings on fine dining and royal etiquette. So never give up that faith that the Father in Heave has been slow-cooking your super yummy love story.

Wait with Patience

Yes, cliché as it may sound, but “Patience is a virtue.” And although waiting is a waste for an Industrial Engineer, waiting for the Best Ending Ever is never a waste. And there is no greater reward than to be able to have that Happy Ending without attachments. Yes again. I just said attachment. Because there are some of us who are not patient enough to wait and decided to look for it instead. And there you go, you just end up getting pregnant or being an instant father. You see, God doesn’t want you to mess up with His kitchen coz you might put a wrong ingredient and the entire recipe goes down the drain. God wants you to sit back and relax while He is still preparing that awesome love story.

Never Settle

In relation to our being impatient, we sometimes decide to grab whoever comes our way. Opppsss!!! Don’t do that. Never settle for something that’s second best. Just because he or she is what you currently have doesn’t mean that they are the ones that God wants you to have. Remember: “No messing up in God’s kitchen.”You don’t settle for water when you can have the finest wine. And when I say finest, it has been through the aging process for a long time. So if you feel like you will not have your Happy Ending and you are in the verge of giving up, think again. You’ve waited this long, you’ve come this far. Will you just settle for second best? Come on!! You’re better than that. Never settle. PERIOD.

Busy Yourself

Sometimes, waiting becomes an agony when we keep on thinking about what we’re waiting for. Waiting becomes a longing and sometimes the feeling become so intense. The intensity of that longing sometimes cloud our better judgment and we end up settling on the second best. So busy yourself. Don’t think too much about your Happy Ending and why it has not started to unfold. That would only make you cranky and you will just find yourself making stupid decisions you might regret in the end. So busy yourself on things that would make you better. Follow your dreams, do things that would make you happy and fulfilled. BUT never lose hope and sight of that Happy Ending. Make it your inspiration to make yourself better and fit for them. God has prepared that person to be the best. It is but fitting that you should make yourself worthy for them too. You want a good man, you should be a better woman. You want a career woman, you should at least have a decent job. You want a trustworthy partner? Ask yourself if you are worth trusting for. So while you wait, focus on perfecting yourself.


God holds our future in His hand. He is the perfecter of all our plans. He is the Ultimate Giver and He will surely provide our needs. And when I say needs, that involves the type of Happy Ending that we need. Sometimes, we are so focused on having a family, building a home, and finding our soulmate that we lose sight of what God wants for us. Maybe God’s idea of a Happy Ending is not is parallel with what’s in our mind. So pray. Ask for His guidance and revelation. Maybe that deepest longing is not something romantic but a deeper love for service and stewardship. Pray for His wisdom, that He will revel His plans of your Happy Ending.

Sometimes, we are so focused on what we want that we fail to see what God wants in our lives. Oftentimes, we crave for what is ideal of this world and we fail to see that we are not made for this world. We are made to worship God and seeing Him happy is the Best Ending that we could ever long for. Maybe God would be happy when we are able to build a family of our own because that is your role in the bigger picture that He is painting. But also, your Happy Ending could be in the priesthood or religious life because He sees you fit in that role. I am not discouraging you about finding your soulmate. All I am saying is that sometimes we are so focused on our plans and desires that we fail to incorporate God’s plans in our lives. Maybe it’s time that we stop looking for our Happy Endings and start looking up to God instead. And I believe, that when we seek His face and feel His embrace, we will forever be happy.

Stay in love. Stay in God’s Love!

Dawn 🙂



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