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How Long to Wait before Having Sex?

Admit it, this is so rampant. Women getting pregnant at a very early age pr young adults getting married because of having a baby. I still believe in having sex until after marriage. This is more of a religious view that I still hold up to now. But I know that with all the influence that media has brought to the new generation, sex until marriage is so old-fashioned and taboo. But then again, I still stand in what I believed in and I greatly respect anyone who would disagree with me. Because in the end, we make our own lives. Therefore, we should be responsible with our own actions and decision.

One Gentleman's Perspective

DUN-DUN-DUUUUN! The topic of sex is as old as humanity. I mean, you would not be reading this post, if body exploration sessions did not occur between your parents. Refusing to acknowledge a topic is rarely ever a good idea. It only fuels the interest of people, causing them to inquire further.

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