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I Love Him But…


How can we forget someone? This question always haunts us, especially if those persons that we want to forget have greatly made an impact in our lives. But how can we really forget someone? The answer is simple: Don’t think about them! Easier said than done, you might tell me. To be honest, it’s not difficult to forget. What’s hard is to accept the reality that there are things that happened that never in our wild imaginations did we expect to happen. Sometimes, what we thought as a perfect dream instantly turn into a nightmare and we cannot find any reasons why these happen. We are left asking ourselves “why these happen?” or “Have we done something wrong?”

But, how can you really forget? How can you eliminate someone who has been in your heart and mind all these years? Simple. Don’t think about him/her! It is so basic, isn’t it? You can do a lot of things rather than think of them. You can go out with your friends, focus on your life, make yourself successful. Watch happy and funny movies. Travel to places you want to go. Explore new things and discover great beginnings. Stop listening to sad music, those songs that would remind you of him. Avoid doing things that you used to do together or go to places that you both hang out. Remember: We tend to forget what is truly in our mind when we think of something else. Think of things that you want to do. Think of those person that you have right now, those that give happiness and joy to your life, those people that want to see that smile in your face again. They may not totally ease the pain that you have in your heart right now, but you are still blessed because you still have someone who will be with you in this painful time of your life.

You know what? Sometimes, it’s us that make the situation more complicated. You’re wondering why you cannot forget him. You’re wondering why you cannot move on. Don’t think that you CAN’T. Don’t think that you cannot do it. Because you need to believe in yourself that you CAN. You can stand up again. You can bring that smile back on your face again. If you just willed it, it will happen. No one can help you but yourself. Even though there are a lot of people around you who are willing to help you, if you are not willing to help yourself nothing will happen. Everything that they’ve done, all the efforts that they have exerted to help you is futile.

If you always think that something is so hard to do, you will really find it difficult to do. If you keep on thinking that you will forget him, the more that you will not forget about him. You know why? Because you’re only saying it but you’re not putting it into action. Well, let’s admit that it is really hard to forget, to move on, to let go. But bare in mind that there are countless of ways to be happy, billion of reasons to live a life full of joy and gladness. If you think about all these things rather than him, you will eventually accept that he is gone.

Don’t lose hope. These pain will all come to pass. You will soon have that beautiful smile in your face. All the hurts that you feel right now will ease. You will be able to sleep well again and have happy dreams again. You will be able to create a new vision, a future with someone who will understand, care and love you. Someone who will make you happy not just with his words but will show it through his actions. Because, somewhere somehow, there is that someone who is rightfully made for you. He’s just a bit late in coming into your life.

Let me tell this to you again and again: “Be Happy!” because you deserve to be happy. You are made to be happy. Remember that there is also someone who felt bad and sad because you are miserable. He is hurting because you are in pain. You may not notice him now because your eyes are blurry because of all the tears, but time will come that you will get to know him. He will come to wipe away all of your tears and ease all your pain.

Don’t lose hope.

Take time to wait for him.

Be patient while you wait.

And remember: There is no other cure for a suffering heart but TIME.

Stay in Love! Stay in God’s Love!

Dawn 🙂

Author’s Note:

I’ve also written a post “Haunted By A Beautiful Nightmare” based on a Youtube Video “Mga Kwento ni Roger sa Pagong”. This is another translation of another video from him. For more of his video/voice over, visit



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4 thoughts on “I Love Him But…

    1. There is always pain loving. But always remember, be happy when love comes in your life and be happy when its time to let it go. The pain, the hurt, the brokenheart, all these happen for a reason. They teach us to be strong. Time heals all pain. Just give yourself a chance to mourn and then its time to let go and move on. Look at the brighter side, the moment you let go is the only time for a new love to enter into your love. Stay in love, Sarah


  1. ” No one can help you but yourself. Even though there are a lot of people around you who are willing to help you, if you are not willing to help yourself nothing will happen.”

    Exceptional post. The quote above sums up my thoughts on life. People must be willing to help themselves first. You must begin from within to heal yourself, long before someone else is capable of assisting.

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