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MASKED – that’s how she feels like. She’s wearing a mask and donning on a happy face, like a clown with that huge grin in her face. The vibrant colors of this mask hide the dark and gloomy life of this girl. The huge grin covers the tears and sadness she carries within. The emptiness of her life is hidden by the festive atmosphere and aura that radiates from her masked face.

She never let other people know how much pain or suffering or hurt she has bottled up inside. She never allow weakness or disappointments break through the mask she is wearing. For her, life is a masquerade ball and as long as the mask remains on your face, no one will know what she’s carrying in her heart. She danced and she laughed and she partied like there’s no tomorrow. She makes the effort to smile and make others feel better and happy. She always radiates the warmth and gladness of the sun, bringing sunshine to others wherever she goes. She is the joy of her family and friends. No one has ever seen her sad and gloomy face.

But in the confines of her room, in the darkness of the four corners of her life, she takes off the mask and let all the tears flow from her eyes. She is alone, with no one to cry on. Life has taken it’s toll on her, taking away that one thing that makes her happy. Soon she will have no job, relying solely on the measly savings she has. This is the first time that she has no control of her life, of her feelings, and of all the things around her. Beneath the mask of a strong and happy woman is a weak and scared little girl who just wants to be held and hugged. She can no longer take the pressure of the outside. She can no longer pretend and wear the happy-mask that she always put on. All she wants is to turn off the light, curl under the covers, and disappear in the dark. If only she could disappear. If only she could just sleep forever, like Princess Aurora waiting to be kissed awake by her Prince Charming. If only.. If only.

If only she could take off the mask she is wearing. Tell the world that she is not the strong woman that they know. Show them that she is just a little girl who feels so lost and scared. That she is so tired of pretending that life is all smiles and laughter. That she is not a woman full of stunts but just a little girl who always falls on her knees, with bruises, scratches, and scars. That she is not as strong as she appears to be but is just a scared little girl who longs for someone who will hold her hand as she navigates through life’s dark and scary mazes. That she cannot always bring happiness to everyone because she too needs someone to make her smile. That she is not who everybody thought she is because she is wearing this mask she longs to take off but can’t.

She is lost, scared, scarred, and so afraid to be alone. But with the mask and the masquerade ball, who can really tell what’s going on?




Expressing thoughts better through paper and ink (INTROVERT). Striving to follow the footsteps of Christ (CHRISTIAN). Choosing lyrics over rhythm; always choosing county songs (COUNTRY SONG LOVER). Dreaming of setting foot in all islands of the world (WANDERLUST).

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