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Speedy Highway of Life


Sometimes we look back to the past and see how messed up our lives turned out to be. We strive to develop a fine-tuned life only to end up super out-of-tune with the “standards” that we wish to adhere, to the rules the we’ve built on ourselves. And as we look back and evaluate what we had done, endured, and go through, we sometimes couldn’t help but ask ourselves where have we gone wrong, which part of this journey did we take a wrong turn or which way had we not chosen to travel.

I had regrets too. I had been the perfectionist of the family, well academically maybe. I always strived to be always on top of my class and excel in school. And I have pretty much made it to the top of my class during college, but you see, education and degree is never a determining factor for the success of someone. Success is measured by how well you play with life’s mazes, how efficient you maneuver on life’s crossroads, and how strong you’ve come out in the end. Life is always about being strong, being perseverance, and being strong-willed. They always say that the faint-hearted never has a place in this tournament called life.

Sometimes success is measure by the risk you take and you didn’t take. In other words, success in life is based on the decisions you make. I have always thought that playing on the safe side has always been the best strategy. How could you get hurt when you choose to walk on the side walk rather than go racing on the busy streets anyway. Well, that has always been my mind-set – risk less, get hurt less. But what I failed to realize is that even walking in the sidewalk exposes me to pain, loss, sufferings, and risks – a lot of risks. I never realized that even though how thick the protective shield I’ve built around me, I would still end up being hurt or failing. Because you see, a risk-free life is not a successful life.

A life without pain, suffering, and hurt is not life itself. Because life always offers everything in pairs – happiness and sadness, day and night, success and suffering, birth and death, rich and poor, right and wrong, good and evil, light and dark, and list goes on and on. And nothing could exist without the other nor someone could choose anything in between. Coz life never offer gray areas, life never has gray areas. It is the human brain who’s sometimes fickle-minded that creates the grey area. Gray areas are the times where we choose to stay on the sidewalk of life rather than go out there on the busy streets. It is where we usually stay when we cannot decide whether to take on the wheel and drive or just be a passenger. It is where we choose to just watch people go by through life in a fast-paced journey while we choose to slow down and take our time. I am not saying that choosing the sidewalk is wrong. I’ve been there. I’ve done that. I’ve had my fair share of a risk-free, non-existent story of my life. Staying in the sidewalk is never wrong, as long as you won’t get comfortable enough with just being on the sidewalk that you would forget to go back on the road again. Coz that’s what happened to me. I’ve been on the sidewalk for so long that instead of just staying there for awhile to rest and recharge, I have chosen to stay there for good. I’ve even built myself a safety shield just in case I will be side-swept by speeding cars. I became too comfortable in the sidewalk that I have forgotten how it is to be on the streets again. Or maybe I’ve seen so much pain, sufferings, tears, and broken homes on the streets of life that I decided to never go back and instead, create a niche of a risk-free life. In short, I chicken-out, I’m too afraid to get hurt again.

I never realized that I have disrupted the proper balance by choosing the gray area. And life would always create an opportunity, a crossroad, a turing-point that would allow you to get back on track, on the streets, and back to where you will experience life to the fullest. Life threw an opportunity at me that I couldn’t ignore. I grabbed it and little did I know, I was back on the streets of life. Little did I know, I have taken a risk by leaving my safe niche and jumping into the speedy highway. And I was never been this happy before. I left my comfort zone and jumped into the unknown. And guess what? I am starting to live my life again, a life of happiness, fun and adventure, a life full of love.

“The only reward for a good life is a good life, that it’s your duty to work hard, give back, right whatever wrongs you can, and then make it count.”
– Sam “Dance Academy TV Series”

A good life is never a life devoid of all sufferings and pain and failure and heartaches. A good life is defined as being able to live through sufferings, pain, and failure knowing that in pain and suffering you’ll learn to be strong and to persevere to strive harder and in success you will learn to be humble and grounded. A great life is not the absence of pain and sufferings but it is the presence of flat-tire and overheated engine moments, bumpy roads, wrong-turns, and getting lost BUT being able to still get back on track and return to fast-paced, speedy road called LIFE.

Never stay too long on the sidewalk coz you’ll missed out the fun on the highway!

Stay in love! Stay in God’s love!

Dawn 🙂




Expressing thoughts better through paper and ink (INTROVERT). Striving to follow the footsteps of Christ (CHRISTIAN). Choosing lyrics over rhythm; always choosing county songs (COUNTRY SONG LOVER). Dreaming of setting foot in all islands of the world (WANDERLUST).

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