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Making Joyful Noises With The Tambourine


Why do I dance?

I don’t dance to perform. I don’t dance to please people. And most especially, I don’t dance to be applauded.
I am not a performer nor a professional dancer. I learn to dance in the most crude and basic ways. I didn’t go to dance school, I don’t have proper training. But one thing I know, dancing for God does not require professional training. You don’t need to go to a dance school to learn how to worship God. All you need is the heart for serving Him, a heart that only desires to please Him.

I never danced to please people. I don’t need to please anyone except God. He is my audience, my only audience. I dance to worship Him because for me, this is the only thing I know and I can do to thank Him for everything that He has done for my life. I am not dancing for anyone of human nature and I don’t need their applause and approval. My only desire is to please and be applauded by God alone. I have this desire every time I dance. I want to always give my all every time I dance. I wanted to give my very best every time I tap my tambourine, I wave the religious banner, or I do free-flow worship. I have this desire to experience God’s happiness and joy every time I dance. I want to believe that each and every dance, He would give me a standing ovation and He would look at me and smile. I want to feel that exhilarating feeling and sense of fulfillment after every praise dance that once again, I have prophesy God’s greatness in my life, that I have made known to all the world that I am God’s Prophetic Dancer, that I dance for God, that I am for God.

And that my friends, is why I dance. How about you? Why do you dance?

Stay in love. Stay in God’s love! ❤

Dawn 🙂


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One Day, Someday

I wish I can pick out the memories I have with you and throw them away. I wish I will have selective amnesia and wipe out all the thoughts I have for you. I wish I could turn back time and I have never loved you. But all these are just wishful thinking, all these are hopeless wishes because I can never forget how you hold me. I can never erase the feeling of how you kissed me. And I can never turn back time and unlove you. For if that would have been possible, I could have done it the moment I realized that you have let me go.

I keep on telling myself that I will be alright. You said that I can be happy without you in my life. I believed it too for I thought I have been a strong woman. But ever since I met you, you torn down my walls. You broken down my shield. You showed me that life is more wonderful when I have someone to take care of me instead of me taking care of myself. You shattered my defenses and left me vulnerable and weak. You have broken me into pieces and I am grappling in the dark all by myself. You took away the smile that I have is my eyes and replaced it with tears. You stole the happiness in my heart and put bitterness and hate. You will never understand what you have put me through until you will go through the same kind of pain that I have gone through.

But one thing I learned, you can never take aways the Love that I have inside me. The Love that Christ has given me on the cross. You will never take away the one thing that I held so tight. You may have shattered my heart into pieces that I cannot put back together but I will still have that genuine love that I found in Christ. And you can never take that away from me.

One day I will learn to smile again. Someday, I will find happiness and joy in my life again. And soon enough, I will be able to stand on my own again, I will be stronger than I’ve ever been. I will be able look back in this chapter of my life and just laugh at how stupid I was and how foolish you are. I will be able to find someone who will value and respect my faith and my love for Christ. I will be able to share that genuine love that I have found in Christ with someone who will never question my love for God, my beliefs in Him, and my passion to serve Him; who will love God more than he loves me, and who will bring me closer to God through his love for me. And one day, someday, I will love again.

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And I was crying alone tonight
i’ve been wasting all my life
i’ve been dreaming all this time
Thinking you are mine.
Please save me in this solitary state
i don’t wanna be alone tonight
i don’t wanna fall in desperation
i wanted to be whole again

This feeling of loneliness i feel
I really want this to end
i want it to fade away
Along with the hurts that you caused me
Why can’t you not see?
All the tears running down my face
You came into my life just to hurt me
I wish I knew, wish I really knew

How could you ever betray me
How could you ver hurt me
You promised me happiness
And all i get are tears and broken promises
You came into my life to ruin it
I wish I see it coming
You came into my life to hurt me
I wish I knew, wish I really knew

And now I resolve to forget you
I will shout and cry to let go of you
Let all the tears wash all my pain
Let all the sighs heal all the throbbing
I may live in agony after you left me
You came into my life just to hurt me
But now i learned; now i knew
I will stant up again
And this time, I’m new!

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Langford Lake and Ed Nixon Trail


The first time I went to this place I immediately fell in love with it. With it’s unexploited beauty and serenity, Langford Lake is by far one of the best go-to place during the summer if one desired to take a dip into its cools and blue waters. It’s cool waters and fresh air will surely give you a relaxing and calming feeling. Around the lake is the Ed Nixon Trail which gives access to hikers and bikers around the lake.

I really cannot fully describe this magnificent creation of God. This natural gem is surely one that must be preserved and protected. Here are some of the photos that I cannot resist to take when I had my morning walk on the trail around the lake.

I took these pictures through my phone. I usually took panoramic photos because I have this need to capture the entirety of a scenic view and this feature in my phone’s camera has always come handy.

Enjoy the shots!!!

Stay in love! Stay in God’s Love!

Sarah Dawn 🙂






















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When He Closed Those Doors

Closed doors are blessings too!

I wake up one day with the feeling that everything has been taken away from me. I lost my job, I broke up with my boyfriend, I have so little savings, and I am four months away from my work permit expiration which means going home with barely nothing. I would be hypocrite if I would say that I am okay coz I am not. I think no sane person could actually be fine with all these things that are happenings in one’s life. I would sometimes stare at the ceiling of my room in the middle of the night thinking of what could have possible gone wrong. I would sometimes find myself asking questions that I have no idea how to answer. Why did we broke up? Why did I got laid off? Why did I become so complacent with my savings not thinking that I would one day lost my job or my contract will not be renewed by my employer? But after all the thinking, all I know is that I will never be able to bring back the broken relationship, the lost job, or the necessary amount of savings. And with that realization, I became aware of what God wants me to realized and understand, and that is, His plans are better than mine and that He will always close some doors to keep me from being hurt.

Yes, I lost my job but I know I will find a better one. Or better yet, maybe there is a better job waiting for me when I go home. I may be earning four times as much as I was earning back then but the question is, am I happy with all these money? What is it that I always want to do for myself? I was back to my original dream, to be able to find a job that will not hinder nor limit my time as I offer it to the Lord through dancing. I may be earning a lot now but looking at my relationship with Hm for the past two years, it was never growing and healthy. In fact, it’s malnourished and dying.

Yes, I am heartbroken now. But the question is, will I be happier with a man who wants me to do something that I am not willing to do? Who argues with my faith in God? Who questions the principles and beliefs that I have kept for 27 years? Does doing”it” guarantee that we will still be together now?And will it assure me that he will be the person that will take me to the altar? Yes, I am hurt. But I’d rather lose him than lose my relationship with God. I’d rather get my heart broken than be with a man that doesn’t respect what I believe and what I always stand for. I’d rather get my heart broken than be with a man who will make me forget God, my First Love.

Yes, I may be going home with little money than what I was expecting but then, money isn’t everything. I may be going home with so little digits on my bank account but I will never go home empty-handed. I will surely bring home with me memories and learning that I will forever keep in my heart. I have so much fun and adventure for the past two years that going home now won’t mean I am at a losing end. There’s no such thing as losing in  the game of life. It’s always winning or learning. I may not be that successful in this endeavour but I will never say that I lost in this level of my life. I only get stronger as the wind gets fiercer. I only get braver when I see waves as high as the mountains. And I will stand firmer because I know amidst all these, God is with me. I have chosen to remain under the protection and the safe embrace of my first love. And I know that under His care, all is well.

Keep the faith. God closes doors so that we will be able to advance to the next level of bigger and more abundant blessings. He closes doors because it is His way of pushing us to higher grounds and new territories. Embrace the suffering. Savour the pain because it’s God’s way of saying, “My child, I have to hurt you so that I can bring out the best in you. I have to break you so that my strength will be manifested in you. I have closed this door because if I haven’t done it, You might have suffered more pain.  I am pushing you away from your comfort zone because you are becoming more comfortable in it and I feel like you don’t want to move to the next chapter of your life anymore. I have allowed all these because that is the only way that you will receive the blessing that I have prepared for you. I have to do this because I LOVE YOU!!”

Stay in love! Stay in God’s Love

Sarah Dawn 🙂

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Relationship Building 101: The 90 Day Rule

Sometimes, we tend to rush into a relationship only to find ourselves getting hurt, broken, and turn into pieces. Little did we know, the “love” that we thought we have are just emotional reactions or maybe physical-chemical “highs” that we have mistook as love. Sometimes, the word “I love you…” really means “I want you..” So before you get your heart broken or if you got your heart turn apart in a relationship that you thought could last a lifetime but only got you until 3 months then you might what to read the blog below.



Stay in love! Stay in God’s love!

Sarah Dawn 😊



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Storms Are Blessings Too

We went for a long drive today. We went to Nanaimo. The drive is about one and a half to two hours. When we were on our way back to the city, everyone was so exhausted to the point that no one was talking and everyone is so anxious to get home. The only sound that we could hear was from the radio. We were tuning in to this Christian Station 106.5 Praise FM. I was so into listening to the song because I was so sleepy yet I don’t want to take a nap coz I felt bad napping while my friend who’s driving can’t. So I sung along with almost every song played on the radio.

Two of the songs that were played were Blessings by Laura Story and Praise You in This Storm by Casting Crowns. These two song are really among my favorite songs yet during that time these two inspired me in a new way. Almost all of us pray. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhist, Hindis, among others pray for blessings. We talk to that Supreme Being that we acknowledge through prayers. We believe and we have faith that these prayers will be answered in His perfect time. And every time this prayers are answered, we tend to give back to God the praises and glory that He deserve. It seems like a normal action-reaction equation : blessing = praise. But what if we prayed for sunshine yet God sends us storm? What if we prayed for success yet what we are experiencing now are all failures? What if we prayed for blessings yet we feel that God is silent? What if God seemed so far away from us at some point in our lives? Are we still willing to praise Him wholeheartedly?

Storms are blessings too. Sometimes, the thunder is too loud, the wind is too strong, and we are in the verge of giving up. We prayed for something good yet we are battling one of the heaviest and strongest storms in our lives. “Sometimes, God calms the storms in our lives. But in other times, He rides through the storm with us.” And in either way, He deserves to be praised. In our weakness, God’s power is at its strongest. So my friends, no matter what you are going through right now, praise God. Coz either He will calm those raging seas or He will ride with you through this gusting wind and ship-wrecking waves and He will take you to calm waters. Praise Him. Praise Him in the storm coz sometimes “the rain, the storm, the darkest nights are His mercies in disguise.”

Stay in love! Stay in God’s Love!

Sarah Dawn 🙂