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It Takes A Man


It takes a strong man to love an independent woman.

When she’s been single almost all her life
When she never bats her lashes when she repairs her clogged sink
When she makes decisions on her on
And forget to consider your thoughts about it
When she is already happy with the life she has now
When it seems she never needed a man on her side

Love her and never let her go
She has become who she is because life demands her to
Because she needs to survive on her own
Because she has to stand up on her decisions
Because she has to learn to be happy, to be truly happy with her life
Because she has no idea that you will eventually come to her life.

It takes a persistent man to love a stubborn woman.

When she’s so used to always having her way on things
When she stubbornly stand up for what she believed in
When she refuses to bend the principles she always uphold
And chooses to let go of you than to lose herself
When she fights against you over petty things
When it seems difficult for her to accept your ways

Love her and never let her go
She has become who she is because life demands her to
Because she’s always been the master of her own life
Because she’s used to having no one to stand up for her but herself
Because these beliefs and principles make her who she is, a beautiful and strong woman
Because sometimes, petty things aren’t petty for her at all.

It takes a humble man to love strong-willed woman.

When she become workaholic and over-achiever
When she usually goes out of her way just to get things
When sometimes, her smartness and intelligence overpower yours
And her achievements seem greater than what you attain
When it seems everything she has and all that she achieved is intimidating
When her aura radiates power and dominance

Love her and never let her go
She has become who she is because life demands her to
Because she has to work her ass out just to survive this dog-eat-dog world alone
Because she believes that an extra step goes a long way
Because she has to embody intelligence and confidence to gain respect
And prove that even if she’s an XX-specie, she’s not weak
Because sometimes these achievements give her validation
Because she has to prove to everyone that she can take care of herself.

It takes a selfless man to truly love a complicated (sometimes selfish) woman.

When she is so independent that sometimes it seems she doesn’t need you
When she has become so stubborn and hardheaded
And those fights over petty things seems endless
When her will is so strong, it clashes with yours
And nagging become part of her daily routine
When you feel like she’s so full of herself
When you feel like giving up on her

Love her and never let her go
She needs love and affection too
She needs someone to take care of her
Someone who’ll hug her amidst her fears
Someone who’ll tell her I love you
Someone she can say “I love you too”
Someone who can stand her quirks
And kisses her supple cheeks
And when she’s down, will hold her hand
And lovingly help her to stand
Someone who will see beyond
Her achievements and accomplishments
Beyond her intellect or independence
Beyond her stubbornness
Beyond all of her flaws
Love her, just love her
And never let her go.

Stay in love! Stay in God’s love!

Dawn 🙂


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Throw Your Cares To The Wind


“I’m throwing everything to the wind – all my hopes, my cares, my dreams, my ambitions. I am no longer concerned about what will happen in the future.” These are my words. But it doesn’t mean that I am losing hope nor I am giving up on my dreams. It means I am laying them down to the Maker and Perfecter of my future and casting all my cares on Him.

Some of us have lived a planned and well-laid out life. I myself have been guilty of intense planning, not to mention about worrying about what the future may be. When someone would ask me what I will be 5years after, I would definitely answer the question without batting my lashes. I know the answer back then. But now at 28, the past two years has changed me. When I would be asked what would I be five years from now, all I could give is “I really have no idea.” You see the life I was planning to have is just all in my mind, a fraction of my hyper-imaginative brain cells.

For two years, I live a life full of surprises. It seems like everything that has happened has no pattern, no elaborate plan, and no definite purpose. But that’s just how I see it. I have faith in God and I know that all these things that are happening is my life is God’s way of knocking me down and waking me up from all those nonsense planning and endless worrying.

I am a worrier. I worry a lot. When I was small, I worried about what I will get in my exams and quizzes so I make it a point that I have a complete copy of all the notes before the exam and I made reviews on our lessons. When I was in High School, I worry about what I will take in college or where will I study. When I finished college, I worry if I would get a job or where will I find one. It’s an endless battle of future thoughts and preparations that when I look back to my life now, I regretted all the worrying that I made. It has made my life so boring. I feel like I have lived my entire life inside a shell, a protective covering of all my plans and future preparations that I end up living in the future instead of enjoying the present.

And so, for two years, I decide to jump into the unknown and I realized that living a life where you are not in control is enjoyable. You get surprises everyday and you always end the day with a thankful heart that you survived. Because in the first place, these lives that we have right now are really not ours, we are just stewards of this earth, a temporary living creature that would soon perish and die. God has placed us here to live a purpose that He intended for us. It is God’s plan that we are here and He wants us to enjoy this life because sooner or later we will leave this place. And what’s sadder than dying is to die without even being able to live a full life.

So throw your cares to the wind. Let tomorrow worry about itself. Believe that the Great Maker, the maker of Heaven and Earth will never let you suffer. He will take care of you. Enjoy this gift of the present. Never let the past haunt you nor the future troubled you. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Trust that God holds that future in His hands and He will make everything perfect according to His plans. So throw all those future plans away because God has a better, more secure, and 100% fool-proof plan for your life.

Stay in Love. Stay in God’s Love

Sarah Dawn 🙂

PHOTO CREDIT: National Geographic