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And The Leaves Start To Fall


It is that time of the year where the days become shorter, the wind blows a little bit chiller, and the sun usually hides its face most of the days. It’s that time of the year where leaves grow from green to deeper shades of orange, the time of the year where the leaves are at their most beautiful state. Some call it Autumn, I prefer to call it Fall. It is the prelude of winter where the temperature gradually drops from double digit to single and even to below zero.

As I marvel at how the leaves change their colors, how they adopt to the change of the temperature, I find myself in awe at how this continuous and repetitive cycle of nature reminds us of how marvelously God created the Earth. The nature and its beauty constantly remind us that change is never a bad thing – that change is something that we should embrace. As the seasons change, God is reminding us that everything on this planet will come to pass. And when I say everything, I mean all things whether natural or man-made.

Seasons change and each phase brings some sense of excitement – we anticipate the first snowfall on winter, we look forward to the crisp smell of green grasses and the fragrant aroma of Spring flowers, we’re hyper-ecstatic to longer days and sun-kissed skins of Summer, and we await the beautiful colors of Fall. And I come to realize, life should always be like this, a never-ending anticipation and excitement of what is yet to come, of the amazing surprises of everyday. Life should be lived with this sense of happiness and flexibility to changes and to things life throws at us. Life should be lived with that sense of acceptance of what’s about to unfold, of what’s about to happen whether how things may take place, whether it may be on the gloomy or the brighter side.

These seasons are God’s constant reminder that what we are going through right now will never last especially those trials and difficulties that we are going through. He wants to remind us that though winter may be gloomy and cold, that calming silence of the snowfall is something that we should be thankful for and though Summer feels too warm and sticky, longer days and warmer nights are something that we should learn to enjoy.

Life has so much to offer. Likewise we can learn so much with what these Season’s changes offer. We only need to be more open to these changes, to be more flexible and willing to adapt to any discomforts these may bring and to appreciate the beauty of these changes in our lives.

Stay in love! Stay in God’s love!

Dawn 🙂

PHOTO CREDIT: Destination Logan County



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