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Purity and The World


In a world where freedom and liberty is the outcry of almost everybody, people tend to lose one’s dignity and love for one’s self because of foolish and selfish decisions. People are so liberated that casual relationships and “hook ups” are so common even among young people. People are so into this world that the sanctity of sex and marriage seem to be lost and forgotten. You could just even count with your fingers the number of your friends who are not doing “it”. Young adults tend to support living with their partners before marriage just so they will know if they are compatible or not. Divorce rates are rising, abortion became a norm, and broken families are so rampant and common. Dating has also changed with the rise of technology. Online dating has been a thing for more than a decade now and recently, with the advent of smartphones and touchscreen devices, finding a date has been as easy as swiping left or right. People change. Technology and social media dominate and pollute or rather corrupt peoples morals and dignity.

Gone were the days of the old-fashioned where men go to the women’s house to ask them if they can go on a date. Dating is never heard of these days. These days, it’s more of hanging out than dating. Love letters were obsolete because instant messages and e-cards are more convenient. I don’t even think people even pay attention to birthdates and remember by heart special dates because smartphones can take care of that. Smartphones will do all the remembering and the reminding.

In a world of fast-paced lives and modern technology, relationships became more casual. You meet, you hang out, you get to know each other, and you became a thing (often than not with casual sex or “making out” or “sleeping around” in between). Then you broke up. Winning the heart of the ladies was so easy that breaking it is never ever given second-thought. You broke up and you move on to the next relationship. Casual relationship hinders that divine purpose of matrimony. It has blocked the view of young adult to the ultimate reason for love. It has been the cause of high divorce rates, abortion, and broken families. As long as young adults adhere to the norms of this world and engage in casual relationship instead of pursuing the calling of marriage, there will always be unborn babies, unwanted pregnancies, and broken families.

As I look back on how the old-fashioned have done it before, I couldn’t help myself not to envy them. They have lived simpler, less complicated lives, away from modern technology. But they were still able to do it right. I am envious at how they value communication because of how slow communication was before, where snail-mails took weeks to receive. I am envious at how much they treat the ladies with respect and not as objects to be admired. I am envious at how the women value their virginity and purity and how much they strived to protect it. I am envious at how people of yesterday’s generation date for the sole reason of getting married and not just for casual and short-lived happiness. I am envious at how yesterday’s generation honor and value the sanctity of sex and marriage.

Today’s generation is corrupt and lustful. As what Elisabeth Elliot has said in her book Passion & Purity, “ If it feels good and you don’t do it, you’re paranoid. If it doesn’t feel good and you do it, you’re a masochist.” This mindset has corrupted today’s generation. They engage in sex just for the mere reason that it feels good. Society’s gage for being a man has change from being respectful, responsible, honorable, and trustworthy to having a record of how many women they were able to sleep with. Today’s generation uses one’s freedom and the idea of liberty to do what they believe feels good, no matter what the consequences may be. I gazed upon today’s generation with pity and with pain. They have been blinded by the alluring and deceiving greatness of this world. They were made to believe to “enjoy life to the fullest” because “you only live once”. Yes, there is nothing wrong with the idea of living our lives to the fullest because that is how God wants us to be. He wants us to be happy. But today’s generation choose to downgrade their level of living life to the fullest. They have chosen to live a life according to the standards of this world. I am saddened by the reality that the youth nowadays are so corrupted and evil. I am greatly grieved at how and where this present generation is going. And above all, I am greatly grieved because I am part of this era of corrupted and lustful generation.

At times, I tend to withdraw from the hustle and bustle of life and retreat to the silence of my room. And on those times, I sometimes find myself asking the question why am I still single? Until one day, something hit me. I will be forever restless. I will always have this longing, this deep desire inside my heart to be with someone. But I will never settle for anything lesser than what God wants me to have. Today’s generation is so lustful and corrupted that the chance for me to find a man that upholds and believes in the principle that I am living becomes lesser everyday. But I will never settle for what is available. I’ve already done that. I’ve already paid the price for being impatient. This time, I will remain single until God will lead the right man, the one He wants me to have, into my life.

Stay in love! Stay in God’s love!

Dawn 🙂

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