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Day 5 : The biggest misconception you think people have about single life


The biggest misconception you think people have about single life

I think misconceptions are always present about single life or being single. There are always someone out there who plays Mr or Miss Skeptic when it comes to the topic about being single. And I cannot blame them, especially if these people are happily married or are so agitated about tying the knot. The same is also true that there are Singles out there who have misconceptions about Married Life. It is a given fact, people assume or give out unsolicited comments on something they really know nothing about. And for me, these misconceptions are but honest opinions of what they thought is something true.

For me, the topmost on my list would be the idea that being single is sad and lonely. It could get lonely sometimes BUT it’s not ALWAYS lonely. People give out opinions in a very general manner that they thought certain realities apply to the general single populace. Well, let me tell you this, being single is never lonely nor sad if you are contented with what and where you currently are in the seasons of your life. It is our desire to have what others have that make our lives miserable. You look around and see happily-married couples and wanted to have that kind of life too. You saw posts of social medias with hashtags like “relationship goals” “forever love” etc, and who immediately hated yourself for sucking up your past relationships. Those posts you see are just the “ideal” state of their relationship. But realistically speaking those couples with “relationship goals” post also experience hardships and trails. What I’m trying to say is that, anyone whether they’re single or in a relationship, if they are not contented with what they have, if they do not love what is in their hands, they will always be sad and lonely. I believe there are also people out there who are in a relationship but still find their lives lonely and sad. And honestly, it’s better to be sad and lonely and single than to be with someone but still felt empty and miserable.

I am not an advocate of becoming single all your life. I always wanted to get married, too. I have high hopes of bumping into him one of these days. I am praying that God will lead me to him someday. I am wishing upon every star in the sky that one day, someday, our paths will cross and we will walk in the same road towards forever. I think every little girl have that dream wedding at some point in their lives. But I grow older and mature, I think. I get to learn that getting a husband is not something you can have over-the-counter. Getting married is a process, same as engagement, courtship, and of course being single. We all go through the process, finish the that certain stage in our lives before we can proceed to the next. That’s how God prepare us for something bigger and greater. So if you’re single right now, then that calls for a celebration. Own that stage in your life if you’re so eager to get married because only then will you truly be happy with someone if you are delighted with your single life.

Another misconception is that single ladies were the one’s who are “left behind” by their generation. They we’re those who set the standard higher that necessary, ladies who are too picky, ladies who ignored those bunch of guys who used to court them and end up not getting married. There is no such thing as being “left behind” because marriage, like any relationship, is not a race. I hope people would be more sensitive in voicing out these opinions around singles because, they are not in the position to judge the choices they made, not matter how poor these choices might be.

We should realize that each of us play different roles in God’s masterplan. And it is not for us to judge how other people live their lives. Being single and staying single is a choice, a choice that someone made because that will make their lives better, happier. There is a huge misconception that being single is the worst decision anyone should ever make because it is sad and lonely.

And believe me when I say that I’ve known a lot of ladies who chose to lead a life of singleness and I’ve never heard them regret the choice they made. They were one of those fulfilled and accomplished individuals, they have the courage to surpass all the misconceptions and judgments that the society has passed on them and still manage to find happiness and contentment.

Stay in love! Stay in God’s love.

Dawn 🙂

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