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Day 10: Google the meaning of your name and talk about how it fits or doesn’t fit you

Google the meaning of your name and talk about how it fits or doesn’t fit you

In our country, the Philippines, babies are usually given two-word names. My mother named me Sarah Dawn for the sole reason that I am the youngest daughter in the Family and the youngest son is named Mark Don and she wanted our names to rhyme. But that was my mom’s take on naming me. Now let us take a look on what Google has for my name’s meaning.

For the name Sarah:

Hebrew Meaning: “The name Sarah is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Sarah is: Princess.

In the Bible, Sarah was the wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac. Her name was originally Sarai (quarrelsome), but God commanded that her name be changed to Sarah before the birth of her son.

Biblical Meaning: The name Sarah is a Biblical baby name. In Biblical the meaning of the name Sarah is: Lady; Princess; Princess of the multitude.

American and Muslim Meaning: The name Sarah is a Muslim baby name.
In Muslim the meaning of the name Sarah is: Pure; Happy.”


For the name Dawn:

Anglo-Saxon Meaning: The name Dawn is an Anglo-Saxon baby name. In Anglo-Saxon, the meaning of the name Dawn is: Awakening.

American Meaning: The name Dawn is an American baby name. In America, the meaning of the name Dawn is: Awakening.

English Meaning: The name Dawn is an English baby name. In England, the meaning of the name Dawn is: Aurora; the first appearance of daylight; daybreak.


In summary Sarah means Lady, Princess, Princess of Multitude, or Pure, Happy while Dawn means Awakening, Aurora, daybreak, the first appearance of daylight. Looking at it I just realized that my mom named me, as translated, Princess Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty.

But I guess, being a princess is not just about glitz and glamour. It’s not about being rich or famous or beautiful. All these fairytale princesses have a story to tell: (1) Princess Aurora was cursed, got pricked by a spindle’s needle and she slept for a hundred years. She was forgotten, as well as her Kingdom for so long, everyone thought she’s just a myth, (2) Snow White was banished into the woods by her wicked Step-mother, almost killed by the Hunt’s Man, and was poisoned by an apple, (3) Cinderella’s rights were taken away from her by Her Step-mother and step-sisters and she was forced to served them and act as their house maid, (4) Belle was forced to live with Beast, (5) Rapunzel was kidnapped and was hidden on top of the Tower for so many years.

Being named as “Princess Aurora” does not exempt me from undergoing and experiencing trials and difficulties too. All fairytale princesses have their take on sufferings and difficulties. It reminds us that being a royal blood does not make an exception for trials and hardships. It reminds us that life is fair and just. And that everyone has their own fair share of pains and sufferings that we shouldn’t judge because we cannot put on the shoes they’re wearing. Like all fairytale princesses, I believe all these sufferings that I have right now will soon pass and that life will become better soon. The same with all fairytales that has their own Happily-everafter ending.

Being named a Princess fits me in the sense that my Father is the King of kings. We all are royalty in the eyes of God. We all deserve to be treated with respect and kindness. We should always bear in mind that God, in all of His greatness and glory, offer His son’s life to save us. Christ laid down His life on the cross so that our titles as sons and daughters of God will be restored and that we will be able to claim our seats in heaven. We became princes and princesses because Christ’s blood washed all our sins and made us worthy to enter God’s Heavenly Kingdom.

Let us be more of a blessing than a burden to others.

Stay in love! Stay in God’s love!

Sarah Dawn 🙂











Expressing thoughts better through paper and ink (INTROVERT). Striving to follow the footsteps of Christ (CHRISTIAN). Choosing lyrics over rhythm; always choosing county songs (COUNTRY SONG LOVER). Dreaming of setting foot in all islands of the world (WANDERLUST).

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