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Day 11: Your worst/funniest/most embarrassing date

My worst/funniest/most embarrassing date.

Going on a date is one of the most intimidating moments of one’s life. You go out with someone you barely know and you allow yourself to be scrutinized and judged. On the other hand, you take extra effort on being too nice or too pretty with the hope that this could be him, that he might be the one for you, that he may be the person you could spend the rest of your life with. Almost all of us at some points in our lives experienced being asked out on a date. I’ve never been to so many dates myself but I think I have few interesting and memorable ones that I will surely cherish for the rest of my life but for the sake of answering the topic today, I think I will be sharing with you my most epic fail date.

It was I think four years ago when I went out with this one guy that I kinda like. We were texting and exchanging messages for quite some time that it was but timely for me at that time to test the waters and find out if there’s a spark. He was from another province and we rarely see each other except on Christmas where he would come to the city and spend the Holidays with his father. So we were exchanging text messages and decided to have dinner. I picked the place (he wasn’t familiar with the dinning spots in the city). We decided to eat in a Pizza Place because we both like pizza (or so I believe). When we arrived at the venue, we were given the menu and I was hoping he would make the orders for us but to my dismay, he didn’t for the sole reason that he’s not familiar with the place and the food. Since we both like pizza and spaghetti, I decided to order that. They have this meal set good for three to four person so I decided to have that. When the food arrived, I was speechless. The pizza was huge and the spaghetti platter was too much and I could see the color in his face drained as he saw the food. I guess on his mind, he was contemplating as to how we’re going to finish all of it. We’re not able to finish even half of what I order especially the spaghetti because we never liked how it tasted. We barely talked during the entire dinner because I was too embarrassed for ordering too much and probably he was too focused to how eat everything so that he will not be wasting the money that he spent for the food.

Now it’s time to go home and this guy, well he is not familiar with how to go around the city, decided that we share a cab and he would just drop me along the way and insisted that he would pay. So I obliged. We were inside the cab when a few minutes after he received a message from his brother-in-law saying that was using his father’s car and was on his way to the airport to pick up someone. So Mr. Epic Fail asked me if it would be alright if he would just get off the cab and wait for his brother-in-law. I had no choice but to say yes and end up paying the entire cab fare.

It was a really epic fail date for me. We never end up together. There was a little spark but it wasn’t enough to ignite the flame. I was a bit disappointed when he wasn’t able to decide what to order and make me order instead. I should have opted for plated menus (HA!) But anyway, it was really a funny/embarrassing date for me and by far the funniest one.




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