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Day 14: Describe The Last Moment You Felt Really, Really Blissful

The last moment I feel really, really blissful.

Happy. Joy. Glad. Blissful

The are moments that were marked by extreme and incomprehensible happiness, joy, gladness, or bliss. I know they are just synonymous but I think BLISS is superlative. Being blissful is defined as being extremely happy.

We all have that moments where we are taken aback by how things turned out and we are left in awe at the magnificent power of the Supreme Being working behind us and deep inside we felt really blissful, extremely joyous, indescribably happy.

Cliche as it may seem but every moment I open my eyes to a new day, every time I stretched my arms and yawn, every time I see the streak of light coming out of my  bedroom window, I feel very blissful. Being alive is such a wonderful gift because I know that as I wake up, someone else was not able to, as I stretch my arms, someone is struggling to even move a finger, as I yawn and inhale the morning breeze, someone took their last, and as the glimmer of the morning sun tries to peek through the gap on my window, someone has been grappling in the dark. Simple moments like these have always made me feel blissful and blessed.

There are moments that I feel so low, moments that sometimes would lead me to the point of asking myself what have I done wrong along the way or where have I made the wrong turn. However, every morning is a blessing that never fails to remind me that no matter how bad I felt about the current situation of my life or how lost I feel in this journey, God still gives me a new chance to be better and to improve myself. Each morning is a brand new chance, a mark of a fresh start, a new opportunity waiting to be grabbed.

With the extreme hustle and bustle in life, it is quite reassuring to know that even if the day ends bad and unfavorable, the assurance of a new morning is a promise of a new beginning. God has His unique way of reminding us that opportunities are countless, chances are endless, and giving up is not an option for those who want to succeed and conquer the world. Mornings are God’s way of saying, “My beloved, it’s time to try again, to trust again, to love again. And if ever you don’t succeed this time, there is still a promise of a new tomorrow. And like new mornings, My love for you is always fresh, endless, and countless.”

Mornings are blissful moments waiting to be indulged.

Stay in love! Stay in God’s love

Dawn 🙂





Expressing thoughts better through paper and ink (INTROVERT). Striving to follow the footsteps of Christ (CHRISTIAN). Choosing lyrics over rhythm; always choosing county songs (COUNTRY SONG LOVER). Dreaming of setting foot in all islands of the world (WANDERLUST).

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