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Dream-Chasers are Dream-Catchers

I am working on my dreams. People might say I am so behind at my age but I believe achieving my dreams has no deadline, right? As long as I am able, I still have the chance to get it. There are times that I feel so low especially when I feel so left out. I browse through my social media accounts and all I see are photos of my friends getting married, traveling or having dinner at fine restaurants. And when I look at myself, I have nothing to boast about – I am single, jobless, and struggling to achieve a dream that seem so impossible to others.

People often ask me why I want it. I sometimes asked myself that too. I don’t have an exact answer. I cannot give a concrete response. Why do I really want to go back to Canada? I really don’t know. All I know is that God placed that desire in my heart and with that, I am holding onto the possibility of getting there in His perfect time. I am hoping that one day, I will be able to step on snowy streets, dance under the falling sakura flowers, play with golden maple leaves, and see the perfect sunset of Patricia Bay again. It may be surreal for some, impossible for many. But with a God who provides, why would I doubt?  

So if my dream of going to a place that’s 10,000 kilometers away from where I am now, why would you doubt about yours? Those dreams, if you keep working on it, will eventually come true. If your dream is getting a great job, beings successful, or buying that BMW or that beach house, or finding true love, never lose hope. As long as you’re working towards it, all your efforts are not in vain. God sees your heart. He hears all those unuttered prayers and silent sighs. He feels the heaviness and your weariness. But take heart. Be courageous. This is not just your battle. This is HIS. God is fighting alongside with you. So be still. Relax. Your dream is on it’s way to reality. If today your chasing your dream, believe that one day you’ll be catching it. 

Keep the faith!

Stay in love! Stay in God’s love!

Dawn 🙂

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To you who feels like giving up and is thinking about quitting – DON’T. 

To you who feels like giving up on that one dream: DON’T! You have to hold on a little bit more. Give yourself and your dream more time to materialize. You have to live on that day when you will be able to say to yourself, “I made it.” You have to believe that this long stretch of waiting and getting impatient is part of the process. You have to cling onto the hope that God has the best plans for you (Jer 29:11) and all He think about is for your greater good.

The waiting process is really tiring. Every night as you lay down in bed, a lot of questions have crossed your mind – debates about the right and wrong decisions we made, about creating backup plans and fallback tactics, about regretting bad choices and not following great advices from others. I know there is chaos inside you. I know there’s that voice telling you to stop pursuing your dream and settling for what or where you’re currently in.

But my friend, giving up and quitting is not for victors. God has created you to be a conqueror. He wants you to increase your territory, to expand your horizon. God promised you a bright future. He has placed that desire in your heart – a HOPE and He will see you through.

The waiting is painful because waiting is polishing. You are subjected to pain because only in extreme circumstances can true beauty emerges. Only in painful events will your heart be created pure and true – pureness of love for God and trueness of trust in His plans.

Just hold on, God is not through with you yet. Your dream of a bright future is also God’s dream for you. Let the Maker mold you. Allow Him to shape you. Let the waiting process be fruitful instead of painful. See beauty in all the bumps and pauses. Remember it’s NOT a dead end, only a detour, a traffic jam or a spare tire issue. You will eventually get there – In His perfect time.

Stay in love. Stay in God’s love.

Dawn 🙂