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When We Find Each Other

One day I will find you. Or maybe you will. Or maybe we will find each other. Someday, our paths will cross and we will walk on the same road. Your joy will be my happiness, my happiness will be your gladness. Your  tears will dampen my cheeks and you will feel my embrace. Your fears will be mine too but those fears we will fight together. Someday when our paths will meet at the crossroads God has created, each of us will be the fulfillment of His plans, the revelation of His greatness, the manifestation of His love.

Someday, we will understand why all of them left, why all those past relationships never work out. It never will because although it was part of God’s plan, they are not meant to stay. They were meant to teach us, to strengthen us, to improve us – our character, our attitude and who we really are. I hope those pain will not harden us – your heart and mine.

For now, go chase your dreams. Fulfill the plan that God has created for you. You must fulfill your solo role before we get to perform together. And when that ‘scene’ comes – when we get to do things together – for sure we will be the best we can ever be. Maybe not perfect but one of the best because God is our teacher and we have completed our individual training.

Today, I am chasing my dream. I am learning to stand on my own. I am currently maneuvering around the mazes of my life. I have stumbled a few times – or maybe a lot. And for sure you do too. I’m sure you have a lot to tell. I must admit, I am excited to hear your stories and I can’t wait to tell you mine. But at this point, I am learning to trust His timing. I am developing the attitude of learning while waiting. And in God’s perfect time, everything will fall into its perfect place, according to His perfect order.

I will see you soon.

Stay in love. Stay in God’s love! ❤️

Dawn 😊



Expressing thoughts better through paper and ink (INTROVERT). Striving to follow the footsteps of Christ (CHRISTIAN). Choosing lyrics over rhythm; always choosing county songs (COUNTRY SONG LOVER). Dreaming of setting foot in all islands of the world (WANDERLUST).

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